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Methamphetamines Archives

California drug charges filed in midst of theft investigation

In order to make an arrest, law enforcement officials must first establish that they have probable cause to detain an individual. When reviewing the circumstances surrounding an arrest, a person's criminal defense counsel will first determine whether probable cause existed. This could be an important part of one man's case since he now faces California drug charges that stem from an investigation into a theft at a retail store.

Police execute warrant, arrest man for California drug charges

Whenever there is a report of an arrest after police execute a search warrant for drug contraband at someone's home, the defendant's counsel will engage in a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the issuing of the warrant. Where the search resulted in California drug charges against the individual being searched, counsel will also be particularly interested in how the search was conducted. It is improper for a search to go beyond the particular boundaries set forth on the face of the warrant.

Authorities: Cartel meth labs California as main entry point

The Attorney General in California, along with other state law enforcement officials, have announced what they say is the "takedown" of a transnational drug trafficking cartel having its center in Contra Costa County. Many would envision the methamphetamine trade in the United States to consist of small meth labs spread around the country, with perhaps an occasional high-volume lab along the line of a "Breaking Bad" scenario. However, in California the authorities claim that a major transnational conspiracy exists which includes the manufacture of the drug in Mexico and its shipment to points in California for widespread distribution.

Man faces California drug charges after fleeing deputies

Purposely avoiding arrest can exacerbate legal problems for those who are eventually arrested by law enforcement. This can result in additional criminal charges as well as the possibility of more severe punishment. One man seems to have made this mistake in a recent incident, which resulted in him facing California drug charges in San Diego County.

Feds search 3 homes, make arrests for drug manufacture

Homeland Security special agents may engage in drug busts where there may be a conspiracy to bring drugs in from another country. That is what purportedly happened in Riverside, California on Sept. 26. Homeland Security agents announced that they had executed search warrants on three homes and had found more than $5 million of illicit drugs and chemicals. Agents said that this included over 40 gallons of liquid meth in one home and evidence of a large scale drug manufacture operation.

Tijuana meth ring disrupted after couriers arrested

A methamphetamine ring that was based in Tijuana has been disrupted after four people were sentenced to jail on a variety of drug-related charges. One of the people was apparently in charge of organizing the delivery drivers to ship the methamphetamine between Tijuana and the United States. The 56-year-old in charge of the apparent drug conspiracy was caught after the other three people -- all his drivers -- were caught. The police connected the dots and found the 56-year-old.


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